Our Choices Matter

Our choices always matter. Apparently, those who are about to be executed are given a choice for their last meal. I’m sure it's an interesting array of selections. I imagine some would choose a lobster, some steak, some a meal from a Scottish-sounding fast food outlet. Hopefully, none of us will finish up on death... Continue reading

Dom Placid RIP

A reflection for Sunday 5th of February. He was born Robert Stockdale Lawson on the 10th of February 1934. He was professed a monk on the 11th of July 1967 and entered eternal life 31st of December 2022. Dom Placid was a monk at our monastery at Camperdown. I’m not sure when he came to... Continue reading

Fr Ichabod

A reflection for January 29th. Matthew’s beatitudes are a well-known classic. Luke also has a shorter version of the Beatitudes. The beatitudes have rightly been called “God’s blueprint for living” and each of Matthews 8 is a sermon in and of itself. So today I thought I would just focus on this one. “Blessed are... Continue reading

Christmass is Evolving

Christmass is Evolving At Christmas, I usually just collapse into a crumpled little heap and have a scrumptious meal in the rectory later on. But not this year. This year we did something radical. This year we were daring, brave and courageous. After the last amen and everything was tidied away, we got into the... Continue reading

Potential and Possibilities.  

Of potential and possibilities. On Sundays this year we will be reading through the gospel of Matthew. It was written to encourage the small and fragile community of converted Jews who lived in the region of Galilee and Syria. They suffered persecution and threats from their Jewish brothers because they had accepted Jesus as the... Continue reading

An Empty Crib

Of an empty crib The empty crib in the nativity scene in our Church caught my eye the other day. It was just there, in the middle of the straw with some animals and Mary and Joseph looking on expectantly. It had been a long day with much to ponder and process and I thought... Continue reading

Three Cheers for U2.

A reflection for the 15th of January. In May 1987 a band called U2 released a song called “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” It has influences from gospel music and its lyrics describe our familiar spiritual yearning. Listen to the first verse. “I have climbed the highest mountains| I have run through the fields Only... Continue reading


The perfect opportunity to be gracious. We love our sport in the summer. As I type the world cup and also the cricket is all happening. And yes it’s nice to watch your team win. Yippee! But it’s also interesting to listen to the speeches afterwards.  To see how the person/team who lost responds to their... Continue reading

Don’t Kiss the Kanga

Don’t kiss the kanga It happened on a Wednesday on a leisurely drive from Halls Gap to Dunkeld. I wasn’t speeding and I had spent a languid time in the company of a priestly colleague. All of sudden, out of nowhere a kanga kissed the left hand, the front side of the car. It made... Continue reading

Baptism o the Lord

Baptism of The Lord 8/1/23 Today Christmas season where we celebrate God showing himself to us through Jesus comes to an end today with the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. We had God showing forth his son at his birth in a manger. Then he was shown to the world by the visit... Continue reading

Trust Sister Silence

Trust Sister Silence The retreat master said it in passing. Tossed it quickly into the air and smartly went on to the next exciting story. 'Oh!' I gasped. 'I could use that’. Sure it needs a little bit more head-scratching and soul-searching, but that’s a really good phrase. Over in the Yarra Valley, we were... Continue reading

Darkness can be your friend

Darkness can be your friend. A reflection for Epiphany This travel log of the magi only happens in Matthew and initially, I had the idea of writing about the work of the camels. How they diligently soldier on with little or no recognition and yet are essential to make the whole story happen. But then... Continue reading

I got the music

I got the music in me. I recently had the undeserved and thrilling privilege of attending a concert starring Marina Prior and David Hobson. Perhaps you were there too. It was a sparkling evening with great company and sublime music. Marina spoke about her formative years and how the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber inspired... Continue reading

Freddy Fogetful

Freddy the forgetful Shepherd. I had fallen asleep that night, but Rufus woke me up by shoving his stinky foot under my nose. The others were already running to Bethlehem. Rufus filled me in as I half ran, half stumbled along the way. So great was my rush to get to the manger, so full... Continue reading

The Workshop

The Workshop “Welcome to the workshop” muttered the cheeky priest as he entered the chapel for morning prayer. The greeting had come to me unbidden and unprepared, but the symbolism can be pushed around and out in a myriad of ways. What are our implements in this ‘workshop’, here in the chapel? Our tools are... Continue reading

Advent 4 – Joseph

Advent 4 Joseph 18/12/22 In his book ‘Walking backwards through Christmass’ Bishop Stephen Cottrell writes in a first-person style with some of the characters that were around when Our Lord was born. One of these characters was Joseph. Bishop Stephen writes I come from a long line of dreamers. You wouldn’t know it to look... Continue reading

David the shepherd

A reflection for Advent 3 In his book ‘Walking backwards through Christmass’ Bishop Stephen Cottrell writes in a first-person style with some of the characters that were around when Our Lord was born. One of these characters was David the shepherd. Bishop Stephen writes My mother’s sense of humour was noteworthy and renowned. She named... Continue reading


I have a friend who plays in a band with a rather curious name. “Whisky soaked redemption.” It’s a bit rock n roll, a bit country, a bit blues, but the name of the band is both sublime and insightful. And before going any further I should point out the obvious that whisky is like... Continue reading

Midwife Martha

Midwife Martha Advent 2  -  4/12/22 In his book ‘Walking backwards through Christmass’ Bishop Stephen Cottrell writes in a first-person style with some of the characters that were around when Our Lord was born. One of these characters was Martha the midwife. Bishop Stephen writes… ‘I’ve had seven children,’ I told her. ‘I’ll help you with this... Continue reading

A Polite Reminder

A Polite Reminder. The wise old bishop sipped gently on his tumbler and listened attentively to my tale of woe. I was foolishly berating myself for being incompetent, forgetful and unthinking. “I am slow of speech and dull of mind.” I bewailed. In fact, I was quite good at this pretence of false modesty. Analysed... Continue reading