Faith and Mission

The Church is Mission

We comfortably slip into the idea of talking about the Mission of the Church, however more properly we should understand that the Church is Mission. The Mission of Jesus - in the words of St Anselm Cur Deus Homo (Why God Become Man) was for the absolute reconciliation of God and humanity, yet the Incarnation tells us that Jesus did not only speak that message, he was that message. 

The Eucharist

The Eucharist builds up the body of Christ as one single body which transcends the racial, social and cultural diversity of its members, and reveals and realises the gift of trinitarian communion given to the Church by the Holy Spirit. This gift of communion enables human beings to receive forgiveness of their sins and healing of their wounds and divisions, and to experience the unity of God’s kingdom. The Eucharist so understood manifests the way the Church should live if she is to be true to her essential nature. The Church as an institution should always be a visible sign of her inner reality as the mystery of communion with and in the Blessed Trinity.

From the Cyprus Statement agreed by the International Commission for Anglican - Orthodox Theological Dialogue 2006