The Manual for World Peace

The Manual for World Peace.

I’ve been trying to work out why the sharing of food is so powerful. Think about all our life milestones and you will discover that there is often a sharing of sustenance as part of the package.

After a funeral… The cuppa, the sausage roll, the lamington and that tomato sandwich are just as important as the eulogy and the pictorial display. The conversation and chatter that the fare facilitates is vital to everyone who is in the early stages of their grief.

Think of a wedding. After the vows, rings and the smooch, there are always some beverages and food to share and enjoy.

Think of the couple who are just in the early stages of trying to work out if their relationship is platonic or may lead to something more. The venue for the discerning process is often a table with some food on it along with a glass of something fabulous and if we’re lucky a red rose and a lit candle.

When I toddle off to the Clergy Retreat we always begin with a very noisy BBQ on Monday night before plunging into the delicious depths of silence on Tuesday morning.

Something quite special happens when we share food. It enables conversation, and can engender camaraderie; it becomes a shared experience to look back upon, hopefully with fondness and the desire to do it all again.

Naive as this might be, I reckon that if those who disagree so publicly sat down privately and shared a scrumptious lamb roast with a fine bottle of red ned with some crispy potatoes then there might be more grins and less angst.


Hec ... For a meal like that, I’d be willing to try.  Maybe the manual for world peace is actually a first-rate recipe book.

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