Christmass is Evolving

Christmass is Evolving

At Christmas, I usually just collapse into a crumpled little heap and have a scrumptious meal in the rectory later on. But not this year. This year we did something radical. This year we were daring, brave and courageous.

After the last amen and everything was tidied away, we got into the car and went to Melbourne to be with other family members.

There was much jocularity, consuming of yummy fare and those bon-bon things that go POP. You know the ones that have paper hats and ‘Dad’ jokes inside. We laughed a lot and consumed refreshing beverages.

I was reflecting on the way home that not only was this Christmas quite different for us, but in fact, every Christmass is just slightly different from the last. For one thing, we are all exactly a year older. Our hair colour/style has probably changed. There might be another wrinkle that was not on our ‘Santa list’.

The next generation falls in love, leave home, and brings new faces to the table for us to discover and enjoy. Sometimes the senior generation has gone onto that other Christmas party that does not end but only gets better with every one of our passing years. Still… we miss them.

This inevitable, ever-evolving of our Christmass scenarios is something that will either confront us or excite us. If we are honest it probably does both. There are bits that bewilder us and others that excite us. The trick I suspect is to just gently cruise into it, look at the faces you have around you this year, gawk at what is on the table, pull the bon-bons and let your hearts swell with gratitude for all that has been given to you. Even a squawking brat in a feed trough.

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