Anglican Church Hamilton

The Manual for World Peace

The Manual for World Peace. I’ve been trying to work out why the sharing of food is so powerful. Think about all our life milestones and you will discover that there is often a sharing of sustenance as part of the package. After a funeral… The cuppa, the sausage roll, the lamington and that tomato... Continue reading

Four Stormy Questions

23 June 2024 Four stormy questions The usual path for the preacher today is to point to the reassuring reality that the Master is always with us in the storms of life. ‘The boat’ can be interpreted as our parish, community, nation or life. And it is true... The master is always with us. Often... Continue reading

Anglican Church Hamilton

Anglican Church Hamilton

We welcome you to the website for the Anglican Church Hamilton.

The Anglican Parish of Hamilton serves people in the Region of Hamilton, Penshurst, Cavendish, Dunkeld, and Glenthompson, in the South Western Region of the Diocese of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. 

Welcome is a word we use quite often, as people join us for a reason, or a season, and whatever that is, we rejoice to welcome you on the journey as pilgrims together. If you are wondering, you may find the I'm New Page   quite helpful and will help you know what to expect. The worship program is set out on the Prayer and Sacrament Page.  
The contact details for the Parish are in the footer, and on the Contact Page together with a web based form to send us a message. Contact Page  

Please browse our site, for a wide range of information and resources. We welcome all who would visit, or walk with us for some part of the journey.

Many Centres, One Parish

Hamilton is the major centre of the Parish (Anglican Church Hamilton), and details of each centre and a map is on the respective pages, as well as the whole Parish on the Parish overview and a map of the whole parish. 

Anglican Church Hamilton

Anglican Church Hamilton

† In Memoriam.

For the souls of the faithful departed especially,     . . . .

together with all those we love and see no longer....

Rest eternal grant to them O Lord
            and let light perpetual shine upon them.

Russian Kontakion

All we go down to the dust,and weeping o’er the grave we make our song.Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!Give rest, O Christ, to your servant with your saints:where sorrow and pain are no more;neither sighing but life everlasting.You only are immortal, the creator and maker of all:and we are mortal formed of the dust of the earth,and... Continue reading

Anglican Church Hamilton

Serving God and the people of Hamilton, Penshurst, Cavendish, Dunkeld, and Glenthompson