Proclaiming the Gospel once delivered to the Saints

Social Justice Initiatives

What is Social Justice?

Social Justice for us as Australian Anglicans is the principal of social equity which we most normally express as:

A fair go for everyone!

Whilst the principal is that simple, the reality of working out what it means in the real world is not always that simple. There are completing claims and the limitation of resources seems somehow to get in the way.

The basic principal of justice is something we look for in every aspect of life, including areas such as Education, Refugees, Border Protection, Health Care, to name but a few of the hot potatoes. 

Is it Just Politics?

The short answer is No!

People on both the left and the right wing of the political spectrum see Social Justice on a wider canvass. The media in recent time has been inclined to see Social Justice as the political preserve of the left, which is neither helpful nor true. 

For Anglican Christians it is a matter of putting faith before politics, and bringing our politics in line with our faith. Politics is undoubtedly part of the way the world works, and as Incarnational Christians we know we are to be in the world, and we are called to love the world, in the way that God loves the world, not loving everything about it, and seeking for the good and healing of the world in many areas of life.

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